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Welcome to Bella Bite Restaurant.

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance rich
traditional and authentic food of the highest quality.

Ancient Persians believed good diet was light on fat, red meat, and starch – these transformed men into selfish brutes. Instead, fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish were encouraged as the food of gentler, more respectable people. In practice, this philosophy was governed by a classification of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ foods, which is still widely used today. Welcome to Bella Bite Restaurant where African food and continental is our profession giving you that African taste and memory of home. 

A Few Words About Us


The desire to bring together flavours and taste from varied cultures to create culinary dishes that caters to the vibrant palates of Lagos residents started the journey that led to the birth of… BELLA BITE RESTAURANT

The essence of Bella Bite Restaurant is to blend high quality food and exceptional service, typically found in a fine dining establishment, with a casual restaurant arrangement. 

To simply put, we are a modern casual restaurant that offers selected but varied choices of different African cuisines in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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Our Food Policy

Every dishes is crafted fresh and prepared in one centralized kitchen daily, the Bella’s kitchen is know only of pure quality and authenticity, with different chefs handling the preparation of the world-renowned African food.


Our food are combination of the savory of fresh herbs and spices only gotten internationally and looked at for its health and freshness. The result: a taste profile which does not present one distinct flavor, but instead serves up layers that keep the taste buds guessing as to what is and what’s coming next.